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age 21 years old
3 sizes T157・83(C)・56・83

ask the girl

Q What was your previous job?
Nursery teacher A
Q What was your first experience?
A High school student
Q What are your hobbies?
to move body A
Q What type do you like?
A. A kind person
Q blame? Acceptance?
A blame group
Q What is your favorite play?
A fellatio
Q What is the erogenous zone?
AThe ears and the nape of the neck
Q What is your favorite position?
A back
Q What kind of fetish?
Muscle A
Q What is your charm point?
A stomach

Appeal comment

I'm still immature in many aspects, but I'll do my best to heal everyone.
I would be happy if you could spend an unforgettable time.


Comment from store manager

A wonderful [Hatsuka] who seems to be robbed of everything by her bright smile. Her bright smile captures

my heart, her straight gaze captures my heart, and when I touch her smooth skin, my fever rises

. In addition,
everyone falls in love with the beautiful looks of a small face, more than enough charm, and a clear smile.

It's up to you to feel her very sensitive and her passive style. She is a
woman who can't help but fall in love with her cheerfulness and

gentleness . She is naturally bright and easy to talk to. 《T-sama》 A beautiful and mature woman. She is lively and bright, and her voice is sexy. [Mr. A ] Everything is always the best! I will see you again. Anyway, it was cute! [Mr. O ] I was nervous because the atmosphere was similar to my favorite celebrity. It was a blissful 80 minutes with such a cute girl until the second round. 《W-sama》 Outstanding style F-kneaded 2 shots Erotic and addictive.

ID:  escort-japan

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