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age 24-years-old
3 sizes T161・86(E)・56・85

ask the girl

Q What was your previous job?
A dance instructor
Q What are your hobbies?
AA walk and shopping
Q What type do you like?
A is a gentleman
Q blame? Acceptance?
A according to the customer
Q What is your favorite play?
A flirting play
Q What is the erogenous zone?
A boobs, back
Q What was your first experience?
A too much 20
Q What is your favorite position?
A while hugging in missionary position
Q What kind of fetish?
A foot
Q What is your charm point?
A touch feeling

Appeal comment

Thank you

Comment from store manager

[Hikari] has a neat look that makes you sigh involuntarily, a sophisticated style, beautiful breasts dyed in cherry blossoms, smooth hair, and beautiful eyes.

With a dignified smile that exudes sex appeal, the style is slender, and the texture of the skin like snow white is just like silk ♪ The

supple body line and the beautiful silhouette of the waist, bust, and hips will make you fall in love ♪

Really beautiful and cute ... and an overwhelming look that will make you say.
A beautiful woman with a level that you can only follow with your eyes even if you pass each other in the city comes to you.

There is no doubt that you will be surprised to see such a beautiful
Reservations are essential.


[Reviews from customers] <<Mr

. F>> The
gestures and appearance are all cute! And even though she is very thin, her boobs are big and have a beautiful shape! Let's go!

[Mr. U] You
are always soothed by your best smile and outstanding style.
I will see you again.

[Mr. A]
Beautiful and stylish. It was very nice of you to respond to this request.

《Ms. K》
She is as cute as she looks, and the service is excellent.

[Mr. H
] As cute as ever, the service is perfect. Kun ○, clinging, boobs licking. It was good.

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