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age 28 years old
3 sizes T164・86(E)・57・83

ask the girl

Q What is your previous/current job?
Model A
Q What are your hobbies?
A Rilakkuma
Q What type do you like?
A naughty person
Q blame? Acceptance?
I love both A.
Q What is your favorite play?
A kiss
Q What is the erogenous zone?
A whole body
Q What was your first experience?
A. 20 years old
Q What is your favorite position?
If you can see A 's face
Q What kind of fetish?
A voice
Q What is your charm point?
A buttocks

Appeal comment

I tried to debut.
Since this is my first time in the industry, there are many things I do not understand, but I will do my best.
Thank you for your support 💖


Comment from store manager

A big cast from the completely inexperienced model industry [Kuu] A

neat, clean, cute girl with a smile

Above all, it is worth mentioning that he is slender and tall, has long arms and legs, and has smooth skin.
She has a tight waist, and her style is perfect ♪

Contrary to her appearance, she is a pretty horny beauty


[Customer Reviews]

Mr. And your boobs are so gorgeous. Small and beautiful nipples and super soft big breasts are irresistible. It was a time when I thought it was good to be alive.

<<Mr. I>>
Face, body, and service were excellent. Thank you very much.

[Mr. T
] I am very satisfied with the smile, service, and style! I'm glad that I could feel the desire to entertain the opponent, such as trying various things in Mr.

T's play. << Mr. I am very satisfied with the service.

ID:  escort-japan

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