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age 26 years old
3 sizes T164・86(E)・57・84

ask the girl

Q What is your previous/current job?
Reception A
Q What are your hobbies?
A DVD viewing. cooking
Q What type do you like?
A person who has himself
Q blame? Acceptance?
A. Passive
Q What is your favorite play?
A Blow
Q What is the erogenous zone?
A over there
Q What was your first experience?
At age 18
Q What is your favorite position?
From the front of A
Q What kind of fetish?
A voice
Q What is your charm point?
ASkin and constriction

Appeal comment

I love to make you happy. I'm happy to see your face feeling better ☆
Thank you very much.

Comment from store manager

Contrary to its sexy appearance, there is no more gentle [Aira].

It's not kindness in sales, but a spirit of service that oozes out of your personality.
I have no worries about recommending this girl ♪ She

should have had a lot of experience because of her curiosity ...
She seems to be "do M" regardless of her appearance. She has such a pretty face
, but I'm a little curious about what kind of experiences she's had in the past.


[Customer Reviews]

《Mr. Y》
It was so much fun just to talk about it. She was technical and really fun. Let's go again for this child! I was a child who seems to be.

"Mr. T"
I'm here for the transcendent technique (laughs) Please try it once and you'll be addicted to

The service is also very satisfying, and I would like to ask for a long course next time.

The paste is good and the service is good!

< S-sama>
I ended up doing e-chi alone at home while leaving a lasting impression.
Thank you for today♪


ID:  escort-japan

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