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age 26 years old
3 sizes T159・88(D)・58・86

ask the girl

Q What is your previous/current job?
Q What are your hobbies?
Reading at A Cafe
Q What type do you like?
A. A kind person
Q blame? Acceptance?
A Blame Faction
Q What is your favorite play?
A flirting
Q What is the erogenous zone?
A clitoris
Q What was your first experience?
A16 _
Q What is your favorite position?
A cowgirl missionary
Q What kind of fetish?
A arm abdominal muscles
Q What is your charm point?
A chest shape

Appeal comment

Thank you very much. We are waiting for you.


Comment from store manager

Fair-skinned and smooth ♪ A slender beautiful girl [Yurina] has entered the store.
She is impressive with her transparent eyes and smooth skin.

She is a very calm and mature girl.
He always said that he wants to have a good time with customers without losing his smile. He is very

caring and good at

. ♪


[Reviews from customers]

She has an erotic atmosphere with the atmosphere of an older sister.
She also has an intellectual feeling, and the announcer type [

] 100 points ❗ A lump of kindness? That erotic smile super godly modeled erotic body (〃▽〃)
Especially the beautiful erotic hips are mellow (*^^*)
The erotic voice that licks every corner is super cute!

[Mr. Y
] It was very beautiful. From the outside, it looks like a quiet person, but I was very happy that Yurina-san actively talked to me. It is very attractive that there is a gap with the appearance.

<Mr. T> It's
a shape-up and toned body and that face, so it's perfect.
She has a bright personality, no thorns, and heals me.

《Mr. Y》
It was charming, erotic, sexy and the best!
It's my first time here, but I think I'm addicted to it...
next time I'll go by nomination!

ID:  escort-japan

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